Engineers and Geologists

Registered Engineers and Geologists

Our professional staff includes four Registered Geotechnical Engineers, five Registered Civil Engineers, two Certified Engineering Geologists and a Registered Professional Geologist.  In addition, our staff also includes an experienced group of geologists, management personnel, and technicians.

Robert J. Johnson, G.E.
Mr. Johnson serves as president of CHJ Consultants. Prior to leading CHJ Consultants, he was president of C.H.J., Incorporated for 8 years.  He started his career at CHJ in 1971, working in field and laboratory positions and has hands-on experience at all levels of CHJ.  As president, Mr. Johnson oversees the daily operation of the business and its staff.  He is also in charge of forensic investigations, and his engineering expertise is frequently requested by attorneys throughout Southern California working on complex engineering-related cases.  Like Mr. Johnson, many of the staff at CHJ have been with the company for many years, and the stable leadership and management team of CHJ Consultants ensures CHJ’s tradition of engineering excellence in service to our clients.
Jay J. Martin, C.E.G.
Principal Geologist
Mr. Martin has more than 32 years of experience evaluating and mitigating geologic concerns and hazards across the state of California. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geological sciences from U.C. Riverside.  He has provided projects with senior-level engineering geologic oversight for design and construction of hospitals, schools, dams, roadways, bridges, railroads, intermodal yards, and large residential and commercial development projects. Mr. Martin’s areas of expertise also include disaster evaluation and mitigation and mining reclamation, as well as groundwater resource exploration, evaluation and development.
James F. Cooke, G.E.
Managing Engineer
Mr. Cooke has over 40 years of experience overseeing construction projects in the field of civil engineering. His experience includes both public and private construction projects. The wide range of projects include residential and commercial development, new and existing roadway improvements and upgrades, railroad improvements including grade separations and bridges, and public utility projects including fresh and wastewater treatment plants and reservoirs. His responsibilities vary from managing the workload of our engineers to scoping, performing field and laboratory investigations to engineering analysis and preparing reports. He is experienced with the design of pavements, sampling, and field testing with Caltrans specifications.
Dr. Fred Yi, G.E.
Chief Engineer
Dr. Yi has more than 27 years of experience in the industry and is responsible for the preparation of geotechnical investigation and percolation reports, as well as special reports to analyze and recommend mitigation measures for specific soil situations. Such reports include recommendations for site grading, foundation and retaining wall design, slope stability, liquefaction potential, and seismic settlement, as well as recommendations to deal with any special or unusual soil conditions existing at the job site. Recently, Dr. Yi proposed new methods for evaluating post-earthquake deformations, including liquefaction-induced settlement, lateral spreading and seismic settlement of dry sand, based on shear wave velocity. Papers related to these methods have been presented at international conferences.  Dr. Yi has also developed a comprehensive package,, for geotechnical and civil engineers. The main functions include liquefaction potential, seismic settlement, liquefaction-induced lateral spreading, compression/consolidation deformation of multi-footings, bearing pressures and subgrade reaction moduli considering multi-layered soil profile, and earth pressures with any slope configuration.
Maihan Noorzay, G.E.
Project Engineer
Mr. Noorzay has 12 years of experience as project engineer/manager, field engineer, and lab manager. His responsibilities include performing the initial site reconnaissance for new projects, directing field personnel during field explorations, maintaining field quality control, conducting engineering analyses and compiling reports.  He has managed roadway, bridge and freeway widening projects, landfills, solar installations and parking structures, skilled nursing facilities and multi-story buildings, among other projects, with job-specific requirements ranging from in situ BAT permeameter testing to forensic distress inspections to CIDH borehole logging and quality assurance.
Ann Laudermilk
Environmental Projects Manager
Ms. Laudermilk has 14 years of experience in performing all phases of environmental assessments. Her responsibilities include performing Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, as well as conducting subsurface investigations. She is also responsible for the daily management of the Environmental Division including field oversight, project costing/scheduling, and proposal preparation. Projects include large residential developments, grade separation and other corridor alignments, and numerous individual industrial, commercial, and vacant properties, as well as storm water sampling and water quality monitoring well sampling.
John McKeown, C.E.G.
Senior Geologist
Mr. McKeown has 17 years of experience with geotechnical engineering and geohazards mitigation projects. His experience includes a wide variety of public and private facility projects: school, hospital, commercial/industrial developments; residential developments; and water supply and treatment facilities. His responsibilities vary from scoping and performing field investigations to conducting geologic evaluation and analysis and preparing reports. He oversees field investigations, evaluation of site-specific geohazards, seismic hazards investigations, and seismic shaking evaluations for geotechnical design. He is experienced with fault rupture hazard investigation and mitigation, site-specific ground motion analysis, geohazards evaluation, field mapping, rock slope stability investigation and analysis, and general slope stability analysis.
Vincent John Romano, P.G.
Project Geologist
Mr. Romano has over 9 years of experience with CHJ. His experience includes geotechnical investigations, geologic inspections and investigations, and laboratory and soils testing on various types of projects that CHJ has conducted.