Management Staff

Management and Technical Staff

Mr. Robert Johnson, a Registered Civil Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer in the State of California, is the President and Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Mr. Johnson has over 45 years of experience in the industry.
Mr. Jay Martin is Principal Geologist and a State of California Registered Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist. He has 32 years of experience and has written and co-written several publications.  He provides oversight on all geological services provided by CHJ Consultants.
Mr. Cooke is the Managing Engineer for CHJ and has over 40 years of experience in geotechnical engineering. He provides oversight to our engineering staff.
Ms. Ann Laudermilk, Environmental Projects Manager, has 14 years of experience in conducting environmental assessments, site investigation, and remediation oversight.
Mr. James A. Dalgity, Operations Manager, has 26 years of experience.  He is responsible for assigning and supervising field technicians, assimilating and monitoring field data for technical reports and proposals, and attending preconstruction meetings and job progress meetings. He is Caltrans certified and is responsible for assuring that the field technicians are current with their certification and training. He is also the radiation safety officer.
Kay Toliver – Project Development

Mr. Brandon Rose, Inspections Manager, has over 9 years of experience in special inspections for construction projects. He is an International Code Council Certified Inspector in several disciplines and is a licensed special inspector in numerous cities.  He holds several other certifications with the American Concrete Institute, Post-Tensioning Institute, and the American Welding Society.  Mr. Rose manages  the special inspection activities of CHJ Consultants.

Mr. Jeffery Lopez is the Laboratory Supervisor for CHJ, responsible for the daily operations of the laboratory and its technicians. He is also in charge of keeping the lab current with registrations and certifications for all personnel. He is responsible for all quality control of all testing before results leave the laboratory.
Linda Thompson – Accounts Receivable
Jennie Booth – Administrative Assistant