I-215 Widening, Phase 2, San Bernardino, California

Owner: San Bernardino Associated Governments / Caltrans

Project Background
The Interstate 215 (I-215) Widening project will improve approximately 2.5 miles of freeway through downtown San Bernardino, California. The project is being funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and California State Proposition 1B funds and is currently under construction.

Project Summary
The I-215 Widening project consists of widening the existing freeway from three to five lanes in each direction, extending from Rialto Avenue to Massachusetts Street. The freeway mainline will be paved with Portland cement concrete; ramps and shoulder will be paved with asphalt concrete. The project includes major replacement or modification of three undercrossings, replacement of four overcrossings, soundwalls and major improvements.

CHJ Consultants Role
CHJ Consultants, as part of the San Bernardino Associated Govermnemt (SANBAG) construction management team, is currently performing sampling and testing of construction materials used in the project. Services provided include batch plant inspection during Portland cement concrete (PCCP) and asphalt concrete (AC) paving; field sampling and testing during paving; laboratory testing of aggregate, concrete, soil, lean concrete base, asphalt concrete and other materials; and on-call materials engineering consultation.

Estimated Project Cost: $173 million