Adelanto Detention Center Expansion

This maximum-security detention center expansion included three new concrete and masonry multi-story inmate housing buildings, a new sally port, parking lots, water reservoir, and renovations of preexisting inmate services buildings. The total square footage for this project is 296,248 square feet. The expansion added 1,368 beds to the facility’s growing capacity demands. This project was at $144 million in total construction costs.


CHJ provided grading observation, testing for compaction, soils, materials, concrete, and rebar, as well as construction inspection, environmental testing and consulting, geology services, and project coordination.

Our services applied to all aspects of construction of the new housing and support buildings, and the new water well site and filtration plant. CHJ provided a full-time Materials Testing Technician, Special Inspector, on-site Administrative Assistant and mobile office.

Additional elements of the project included:

  • Torque testing on all security truss walls and security ceiling anchoring
  • Inspection services under the direction of the inspector of record
  • Rebar and concrete used in the footings for in-place walls, slab and roof decks.
  • Plumbing that was used throughout the housing and support buildings.
  • Inspection and compaction testing during the installation of all the site work for the project’s storm drain, sewer lines, domestic water line, fire service line, and gas line
  • Mechanical Smoke Control Special Investigation
  • Inspection and final commissioning on the fresh water well site and filtration plant
  • Inspection of the curb and gutter, parking lot, and street grades
  • Inspection and testing of all asphalt placed throughout the site
  • Commissioning for the security and electronics throughout the entire prison