Hesperia Water Reclamation Plant and Apple Valley Water Reclamation Plant

Project Summary

The sub-regional plants will be scalping plants that treat raw sewage to State of California Title 22 standards for irrigation. These sub-regional plants will improve capacity constraints in the sewer interceptors; improve capacity at the regional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP); provide a sustainable water supply to the community; and provide education for future recycled-water customers.


The project consists of two project elements. Project Element A includes Phase 1 of the Hesperia Water Reclamation Plant (HWRP), Hesperia raw sewage lift station, gravity line, force main, and Hesperia percolation basins.  Project Element B consists of Phase 1 of the Apple Valley Water Reclamation Plant (AVWRP) and the Apple Valley effluent disposal and force mains

CHJ’s Role

As a sub-consultant to MWH Global, CHJ is providing material testing and special inspection, compaction testing and associated laboratory testing services for the construction of these sub-regional plants.