Passions Road Grade Separation

The project includes construction of an at-grade railroad bridge and undercrossing for BNSF railroad that crosses Passons Boulevard. The project was becoming increasingly necessary due to new train traffic planned to increase by thirty percent. The finished grade separation will relieve pedestrian and vehicle traffic gridlock, reduce pollution from idling cars, and eliminate the need for train horns at the intersection. Other aspects of the project included removal of 4 houses, a 90 unit apartment complex, and the LA County sewer line realignment. Funding for the project was secured from state, federal, and railway eliminating the need for funding to come from the City itself.

CHJ’s Role
CHJ provided construction support services for the Passons Boulevard grade separation in the city of Pico Rivera. CHJ’s role in the project includes field materials sampling and testing, laboratory materials testing, and batch plan inspection. CHJ also provided the Environmental Site Assessment for the grade separation. Project Costs: $43 million