Student Services Center, College of the Desert

Project Summary
This project involved construction of a new Student Services Center building at the Palm Desert Campus of College of the Desert. The two-story steel frame and masonry structure measures approximately 48,100 square feet and is located near the Monterey Avenue entrance to the campus. The building is an at-grade structure with adjacent parking and walkways. The geologic conditions at the site include the presence of fine-grained Aeolian (wind-deposited) soils that could potentially be susceptible to settlement under the anticipated foundation loads or addition of landscaping water. Therefore, a foundation preparation procedure was implemented to mitigate this potential condition that included use of a geotextile fabric at a depth of 6 feet below grade with 6 to 8 inches of compacted crushed rock before replacement of the existing soils as compacted fill.

CHJ’s Role
CHJ provided the geotechnical and geologic investigation, grading observation, compaction testing, and construction inspection for this project. Our team worked closely with the grading contractor and project personnel to ensure proper placement of the geotextile and rock, and proper moisture conditioning and compaction of the engineered fill subgrade. CHJ’s experience in observation and testing of fine-grained soils was crucial in achieving the specified subgrade conditions.