CHJ Consultants performs special inspections on a wide range of projects throughout Southern California. Our inspectors have performed tests for reinforced concrete, structural steel, welding, reinforced masonry, shotcrete, and fireproofing inspections on many projects including the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center; University of California, Riverside; Loma Linda University Medical Center; and numerous other office buildings, schools, and hospitals. Our inspectors are certified by a number of agencies and jurisdictions including the International Code Conference, American Welding Society, and Division of State Architect.

Our materials technicians and inspectors have worked on a number of major airports, roadways, schools, and flood control projects which include the Los Angeles International Airport Taxiway, Ontario International Airport UPS Facility, the Santa Fe Intermodal Facility and University of California Riverside. Our materials technicians and inspectors are certified by the American Concrete Institute as well as other organizations.

All CHJ Consultants inspectors are managed and directed by professional engineers with extensive experience in construction inspection and materials engineering. The experience of CHJ Consultants inspectors and engineers along with our commitment to People You Can Depend on, Experience You Can TrustĀ makes a difference.