CHJ Consultants has performed thousands of geotechnical investigations, ranging from single-family residences to large commercial developments. Subsurface investigations are performed by staff geologists, who are supervised by Professional Geotechnical Engineers and Certified Engineering Geologists. Subsurface soils are obtained with the aid of a truck-mounted drill rig or tractor-mounted backhoe. The staff geologist classifies and logs the soils encountered for review by the geotechnical engineer and/or engineering geologist. Soil samples are collected and returned to our laboratory for testing and evaluation.

Our project engineer and engineering geologist complete a report that describes the geotechnical investigation in detail, including grading and foundation recommendations based on the subsurface investigation and laboratory testing.

Further geotechnical investigations may be warranted based on the findings of the initial investigation. Further investigations may include slope stability calculations, drainage considerations, excavation potential of dense soils or bedrock, structural section design recommendations, and percolation investigations.