CHJ’s testing laboratory enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading materials and soil testing laboratories in Southern California. The laboratory’s record of technical excellence and service to our clients make it the testing laboratory of choice for many contractors, material producers, and project owners throughout Southern California.

Our laboratory can perform testing of the full range of construction materials and soils. These capabilities include rock products such as aggregates and base materials, concrete, masonry materials and reinforcing steel. Our 400,000-pound-capacity Baldwin testing machine is one of the largest in the area and is capable of testing large reinforcing bars and masonry prisms.

The soil mechanics laboratory can perform numerous testing services including sieve analyses, optimum moisture – maximum density, consolidation, direct shear and R-value tests.  Asphalt concrete can be tested for asphalt content, aggregate gradation and stability, as well as other qualities. We also test built-up roofing, spray-applied fireproofing, welds, bolts and other construction-related materials.

All tests are performed by qualified and experienced technicians.  Several of our laboratory technicians have been with CHJ for over 20 years.  All testing is overseen and reviewed by Professional Engineers.  Our laboratory meets the requirements of ASTM E 329 “Standard Recommended Practice for Inspection and Testing Agencies for Concrete, Steel, and Bituminous Materials as Used in Construction” and is regularly examined by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory of the National Institute for Standards and Testing. Our laboratory is also approved by the State of California, Caltrans LEA No. 62, and the City of Los Angeles.